Capoeira Floração

Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian art that combines martial arts, dance, and culture, and provides an environment for people to develop themselves physically as well as mentally and emotionally.  Capoeira Floração’s mission is to promote a unique and dynamic wellness experience found exclusively in the art of capoeira, through the development of a high-quality training academy, a professional performance group, and by bringing together students from all different ages and backgrounds.  They seek to share their passion for wellness and embrace diversity.

Robert Everest & Beira Mar Brasil

Beira Mar Brasil is the most established Brazilian carnival band in Minnesota, with over 15 years of entertaining in the Twin Cities and beyond.  Under the direction of bandleader Robert Everest, we have performed at venues like the Ordway Theatre, the Walker Art Center, and the Minnesota Zoo, and have been spearheading Carnaval Brasileiro of the Twin Cities for over 10 years.

2322546 Minneapolis-based singer/songwriter/guitarist and multi-instrumentalist Robert Everest has been joyfully exploring the music of the world for over 25 years. Performing an average of 150 shows a year–locally, nationally, and internationally–he has delighted audiences around the globe with his original compositions and his vast repertoire of acoustic world music. His fascination with foreign languages led him through a linguistics degree from the University of MN, which facilitated the development of the multiple languages he brings to his performances. He is particularly fascinated by the incredible variety of musical styles found within Brazil, and organizes and directs the most attended annual Brazilian event in the 5-state area, Carnaval Brasileiro of the Twin Cities.

Dandara Odara

Dandara’s singing career began in her home town, Salvador, Bahia, considered the soul and heartbeat of Brazil, where she was inspired by the richness and sensuous swing of Bahia’s rhythms. Her deep, spicy singing voice and her vibrant dance and performance style have led her to be called the Brazilian Tina Turner. No one can stand still during her performances! Dandara has traveled all over Brazil singing on top of “Trios Eletricos” during Carnaval and in concert halls from São Paulo to Rio. She was the featured vocalist for “Banda Relogio” with whom she recorded two cds. Dandara has shared the stage with the great names of Bahian Carnaval: Carlinhos Brown, Chiclete com Banana, Ivete Sangalo, Banda Eva, Ilê Aiyê and Olodum. She was invited by Claude Nabis, producer of the Montreaux Festival in Switzerland, to be part of the Brazilian Night in the festival. Along with Gilberto Gil and Jorge Ben Jor, Dandara had the crowd singing and dancing in the aisles throughout the evening. From Montreaux, they went to Paris, London, Lyon and Geneva.

Batucada do Norte

Batucada do Norte is the Twin Cities’ own homegrown Brazilian percussion band, following the tradition of the great drum ensembles famously competing every year at Carnival throughout Brazil. Their name means “Drum Group of the North,” and they are a large community-based group directed by local musicians, brothers Tim and Pat O’Keefe. Founded in 2006, their exciting performances continue to thrill audiences in bars, clubs and festivals across Minnesota, and in annual events such as local Carnival celebrations, the May Day Parade, and the Minneapolis Mosaic Festival.

Edilson Lima & Tammy Chiarelli


Professional dancer, Edilson Lima was born and raised in Brazil. He has been dancing since the age of 12, and has trained extensively, dedicating his life to teaching and performing. Edilson’s dance background stems from ballet, jazz and modern dance. He is recognized for teaching the Brazilian dances of Samba, Pagode, Lambada, Forró, and Batucada. He is also known for his knowledge of fitness through classes like Step, Cardio Funk, and Lamba Aerobica. Edilson has worked with the Best Dancers, Choreographers, Actors, Producers, Directors, Singers, and Musicians in his native Country Brazil, after several TV Shows, Commercials, Musicals, Performances, Workshops, Edilson has been established as one of the most incredible entertainers. He is a High spirited and outgoing Brazilian performer and Instructor. Edilson, has performed in Geneva Switzerland, Cannes and Nice France, and Hamburg Germany, Today he is a well recognized and honored Entertainer and performer in Chicago, where he leads the Samba 1 Brazilian Dance group and also works for Chicago Samba Band performing all over the U.S. He’s also an incredible experienced Teacher working for schools and Universities in Chicago, Edilson’s Sambody’s DVD brazilian workout won the Telly’s Award for outstanding work. Multi tasking as a Interpreter, Portuguese Teacher and Entertainer, Edilson is definitely one of the greatest Brazilian representatives in the U.S. Edilson’s dance partner, Tammy Chiarelli will be joining Edilson in Carnaval Brasileiro of the Twin Cities.