Beira Mar Brasil is the most established Brazilian carnival band in Minnesota, with over 15 years of entertaining in the Twin Cities and beyond.  Under the direction of bandleader Robert Everest, we have performed at venues like the Ordway Theatre, the Walker Art Center, and the Minnesota Zoo, and have been spearheading Carnaval Brasileiro of the Twin Cities for over 10 years.

2322546 Minneapolis-based singer/songwriter/guitarist and multi-instrumentalist Robert Everest has been joyfully exploring the music of the world for over 25 years. Performing an average of 150 shows a year–locally, nationally, and internationally–he has delighted audiences around the globe with his original compositions and his vast repertoire of acoustic world music. His fascination with foreign languages led him through a linguistics degree from the University of MN, which facilitated the development of the multiple languages he brings to his performances. He is particularly fascinated by the incredible variety of musical styles found within Brazil, and organizes and directs the most attended annual Brazilian event in the 5-state area, Carnaval Brasileiro of the Twin Cities.